Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation - In Micro Bites

This is the first summer I've had off in years.  Did I mention that before?  Probably - let's just say that it's worth mentioning again.  And again.  Okay I'm done, for now.  But here's what I thought in those first moments of anticipation as I exited my main employment gig stage left.  I imagined I'd sleep in and catch up on my reading list, preferably with a cold drink in hand on the deck.

The reality - I haven't slept in once and while I've spent plenty of time outside - weeding, I've also spent plenty of time downstairs, in my office, writing - and often rewriting.

So Saskatchewan Day yesterday was a bit of a treat.  The majority of the day was spent on the deck, enjoying a beautiful summer day.   The pulled pork turned out fantastic as usual.   And the rain, it showed up for a brief time and then disappeared.  So it ended up being a perfect day.

That's the great thing about a holiday, even a short one like that - you return to work feeling rejuvenated and ready to get at it again.  So I'm back to Borneo and a story whose revisions are almost at an end.  And I think I might take another one day holiday some day soon - just to get ready to dive into the next book, that work in progress as well as one from that tottering "To Be Read" TBR pile.

And just in case your TBR pile is in need of replenishing - Check this out.  It's a long list so you might want to get started now.


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