Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Bon Fire to the Past or Path to the Future?

Today I burned clothes.  Work clothes.  Clothes from a past life that have no use in the future.  It took a while, the weather had to be just right and then, of course, there was the mood.  I've been revising a story and reaching the end of those revisions, that's a celebration point.  Life is full of celebration points - symbols if you will.  So today was the day.

Before you ask - No,  I'm not wasteful, growing up with parents who were children of the great depression taught me about waste.  These clothes had seen their lifespan - the ones that were still good made the charity bin.  And none of this business attire, worn out or otherwise, is part of the person who is moving forward from this point.  I'll still need business clothes, there are writers conferences and I kept those that might function in that role.  But the others - they're a symbol of the past.  The fire - a rite of passage.

Symbols.  They're important markers along the path we forge in life.  They help to make dreams a reality rather than wispy plans at a fork in the road.  They galvanize forward motion.  Real or imagined, symbols are an important part of life.  They make what we can't see and even, in the case of us writers, that which we imagine, real.

It might just be symbolic but sometimes blowing down the familiar, that which we have out grown,  sure feels good.  It's like we've cleared the path of remnants of the past, good, bad or otherwise - forward and onward!

Any symbols marking your day?


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