Saturday, July 3, 2010

The View From Here

The path up the Nose Hill isn't really a path but more of a runoff for water.  It's a bit of a challenge in sandals not really made for hill climbing.  But the top is worth the hike just for the view.
View of Calgary from the Nose Hill

The book I'm reading right now is rather like that - unexpected.  Still Alice should be nothing if not depressing.  A story of a woman's struggle with early onset Alzheimer's, it is a book that has me turning the pages, reluctant to put it down.  That was unanticipated.  But then I find books like that, often the gem is hidden in subject matters I don't tend to explore or authors I have for one reason or another missed. 

Rather like this trip up the hill that began with a walk through this unimposing tunnel, gems are often hidden.  Sometimes veering slightly off the path leads to something unexpected.  Whether it's a walk up a hill in foot gear unprepared for such a venture, or picking up a book that is like nothing you've ever read before.

Anything different in your day?


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