Thursday, July 15, 2010

There's a Mouse in the Barbeque!

Wrong place wrong time - But there's never been a good time for something like this.

A Mouse in the barbecue - ugh!

Not quite a mouse but...
There's never been a mouse in the barbecue and that there was one last night, was relatively disturbing.  Of course, being an animal lover my first thought, rodent or not, was don't turn on the barbie until we get the poor little guy out.  Let me announce here that I was alone in that feeling.  Fortunately, the mouse made his own exit, straight through the grill and out into the yard heading with lightening speed to the neighbours.  Now I hate to inflict my problems on others, but in this case it was a relief to have the mouse choose his own escape.  A plan that uncrossed his life path from our supper.  

In a story, sometimes the characters seem to choose their own routes.  The life paths you originally envisioned get changed because of a twist in the plot you didn't foresee or a character flaw you didn't anticipate.  I have a character like that, he thought he had a bigger place in the story then he did.  Okay, my subconscious at work again - I thought not the character, I know that.  The long and short was that he really was a pathetic investigator and he's got to go.  This guy isn't moving the plot along and truthfully, he has a bit of a drinking problem.  It's time for him to exit via the cleanest way possible, so I took creative license and chose death.  For some reason, he's not happy.  Some days you just can't please.

On the upside, a mouse got to live another day and the barbecue has been cleared of any signs of occupation.



Anonymous said...

Glad to see him go:) Both the mouse and the investigator. An appropriate fate for each.


Ryshia Kennie said...

I knew doffing the investigator would make you smile.