Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Couch Surfing

Today was the first day home.  It's nice to be back after spending time at a friend's place.  No matter how comfortable someone else's place is, it's not home.  It's rather like couch surfing, minus the couch and of course, the surf.  Okay, so there is no similarity except that it's not your place.

Couch surfing.  Not that long ago I read about someone couch surfing their way around the world.  That seems a little extreme but what an adventure and the stories that traveller would have to tell.  

While I've never couch surfed, one of the strangest places I have stayed was a little hotel in Langkawi, Malaysia.  The room was so small that the luggage had to be balanced carefully on top of each other in one corner and the narrowest single beds I have ever seen lay legless side by side with only enough room to create a path either between or beside them.  But it was clean and dry and there was a bathroom - I've seen some different places but those rules always hold.  And the rules hold for my characters too at least so far, but that's another story.

Back to Langkawi - the view of the beach - fantastic!  There are compensations!

But couch surfing - not so sure - and you?


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