Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Then There's the Baggage

Instead of making an appearance in the office, I'm on the road. 

Rourke is settled into his fave sleeping position and the journey begins.  The trouble is leaving with minimal baggage

Why is travel across provincial borders so much more arduous than longer distances?  Not in the actual journey but in the packing.  Is it that I pack more stuff just because I can or is there something else?  After all it's a journey by car and there is no security rifling through my bags or luggage weight allowances.  I don't even have to carry the bag far.  So with no restrictions, the baggage expands.  I'd never get that suitcase hefted on my back in a backpacking trip - where packing light is not only the norm, it's a necessity.  But baggage is forgotten as the landscape sweeps by - the road falling behind as the unknown looms ahead and the past falls behind.

A section of the Trans Canada highway was washed out near Maple Creek last week because of heavy rains.  I don't think anyone expected that the country's number one highway would turn into a river.  But now much of the damage has been repaired although for the moment s short section is no longer a divided highway as crews continue working.  There's a lake too, lapping on either side of the highway.  A lake that, if it existed at all before the storm, was no more than a slough. 
Like a trip with a backpack - life is so much easier without the baggage.  Stuff, emotions, issues, we all have it.  The trick is to scaling it down and eventually traveling light.  I've spent the last few days scaling down - work clothes that are no longer needed - gone, paper - the next horizon, and the rest - on the to-do list.  

What have you done lately to lighten up?


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