Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Quit - Moves to Last Day!

The last day on the job was longer than I anticipated.  It seemed in the morning like the never-ending day, as if there was something that needed to be completed and I couldn't think of what.  But there was nothing, only the uncertainty of uncharted territory.  There were many good byes and a few last minute things to finish up.  The actual leaving, once the goodbyes were done, was amazingly quiet. 

Someone asked, what's protocol?  Do you just walk out?  Now I can say, "Yes, you do." 

I'd notified everyone that needed to be and everyone that mattered to me (at least I hoped I contacted all the friends I've made through the years.  And just as when I changed departments through the years, I keep in touch with the friends I've made.  I don't think this will be much different - at least I hope.)  So me and a good-size yucca plant navigated the gray concrete stairwell for the last time, emerged into an alley that has always reminded me of a backstreet in Bangkok, there is that same worn out and littered look to it, took a deep breath of air (as a good friend had advised) and headed for home. I only looked back once to where the building loomed, a nondescript, weathered slab of concrete.

Change is here and it tastes good.

But it's not over yet.  I'm just beginning to adjust to my new reality.  Because I nixed the customary going away event - thinking I'd much prefer to celebrate with friends rather than colleagues, I've been celebrating freedom for over two weeks.  And there's been some fantastic surprises.
The last day?  It ended with - more surprises - and one of my fave foods - homemade spring rolls.  

I've always loved change but I'm beginning to like surprises as well - lately they've been nothing but good.  Even the power outage that had the good grace to occur after supper and forced a candle light ending. 



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The first day of the rest of your life. So happy for you. Let's chat when you have the time :)...

Tyler said...

Hey, I was a little behind on reading my e-mails, so I just read the one about you leaving. I will include your story in the next newsletter.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Hey Anon - you'll have to peer out from behind the veil of anon but I think I'll catch up with everyone and by default - you too sooner or later :).

Thanks for the congrat! It's definitely the first day of a different life.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Tyler - I think you should include your own bio/profile in that newsletter - definitely made me laugh!