Saturday, June 5, 2010

Freedom to Work

I'm back tracking a bit but it's a time in my life where as I reach both an ending and a beginning that thoughts and reactions repeat themselves.  This job ending thing isn't as easy as I thought.  I hadn't thought much about reactions but they're there, unanticipated or just not considered, they have begun.

"I quit my job, Mom," I said sensing that she should expect this as this as this has been a plan  that has  been churning for years.  Apparently, I hadn't prepared her at all.

"How will you live?' My mother asked trying not to look horrified.

"Well in five years I may be living in your basement," I told her cheerfully and was met with a relieved smile.  I don't think my mother would ever be adverse to one of her children moving in with her.  But that's not going to happen.  At least I hope not. 

There were other reactions and they ranged all over the map.  Somehow I hadn't expected this kind of diversity.  Maybe, I just hadn't expected anything at all.

"I'm jealous."

"You're just a couple of teeny boppers."

"That's fantastic."  And of course the inevitable - "Whoo Hoo!"

Maybe, like snow in late April, it was just unexpected.  But some reactions were rather subdued as if I had told them I was going to the mall in the afternoon or something equally as mundane.  Maybe it's because they can't contemplate doing it themselves.  I mean who quits their job unless they are proper retirement age?  But I did.  It's time. And I'm not so rare, I've been stumbling on people here and there who have quit, retired early, changed course, veered and even packed up and moved.  I'm not alone in this venture.  

Quitting doesn't mean you'll never earn another nickel as long as you live.  It just means that the rulebook just got tossed out the window and now you're the one writing the rules.  Quitting just means the freedom to work or not work, travel or not travel, write or...  Wait - was that a choice?  Of course I'll write, and more than likely I'll write more.  After all there's places to see, things to do and events to journal for future books.  It's the one job I can't quit - something in my soul just won't let me.

But back to reactions - my favourite reaction "Blown Away" which was so good as to merit its own post.  If there's anything to thank my "soon to be" last boss for it's that.

"Thank you."


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