Friday, May 14, 2010

Blown Away

"I'm blown away," my boss said after reading my e-mail.

My announcement was a change I'd been planning for years but it's refreshing to know that I haven't become predictable. Still, I was leaving a familiar world in favour of another. It's an ending of sorts - a time to take this life of mine on another road, another journey. The way I see it, my announcement was unexpected because it didn’t fit the parameters of the box that they had drawn around me. We all have that box, the judgment box of how others perceive us and sometimes it feels good to blow the doors off that box – and on a good day take the walls with us.

The unexpected works well in fiction too. I hate to read a story where I am not surprised by anything. The best stories lull us into a false sense of security. We know how this will end but do we? It’s up to the author to blow the box apart at hopefully the most unexpected moment. Sometimes it’s just small explosions along the way to the big bang. But it’s all about the characters being real people. Real people are not completely predictable.  So like the other day when my actions did not fit what some people had come to expect, characters must also do the unexpected now and then or they will never really live.

Has some one been “blown away” by something you’ve done lately? And if not – is it time to shake things up?

Ryshia Kennie
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