Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Unhappily?

The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.  Oscar Wilde

Romance fiction guarantees a happy ending.  But even in a romance someone may have an unhappy ending. After all, a happy ending is only guaranteed for the hero and heroine.

I love writing romance not sweet I love you, you love me but that edge - adding that dark element to the journey.  Whether it be the setting or a villain or two or a situation that is dark and foreboding or all and more of the above, and combine that with the inevitable happy ending.   Why?  Well horror was really my first love.  But I have no inclination to write the dark, murky, the macabre without a hope for humanity.  Yet I love the stuff!  Go figure.

And still, I love the happy ending.  But a great love story will get me as much as a happy ending.  "My dear,  I don't give a damn", that line gets me every time and it really wasn't the most most romantic of lines.  With his last line "Gone with the Wind's" Rhett should have been the villain of all time and yet he wasn't - why?  Well, definitely that is a subject for another post.  But Rhett was one of the ultimate heroes.  A character that the reader had developed an empathy for, they could have forgiven him anything.  And Scarlett - well with her "tomorrow is another day" line we knew that she still loved him in her own broken way.  So in the end we knew that their love, despite the black cloud that appeared insurrmountable, never died. We just weren't sure how it was going to go from there and so we wandered and hoped, long after the end.  

Kind of like spring in Saskatchewan - sunshine and crocuses after just a bit of late season snow.  And we're never quite sure if that's it - is winter over or...

Maybe there's something wrong that I can't stand too much happy in my fiction.   I like a crisis or maybe two and the bad boys and girls, often they're one of my favourite people in the story.  Just because sometimes they leave you wandering what if...  The story ended happily for Max and Jane but what about...

And that's what I love, the dichotomy of it all.   What do you love in your fiction?

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