Friday, April 30, 2010

Can You Dodge the Pot Holes?

In Saskatchewan pot holes are considered a valid topic of conversation - probably because we have a lot of them.  Between the care and maintenance or lack there of, pot holes can become an all encompassing topic.

There's a ton of potholes on my front street.  In fact, I'm sure that it is set to be voted the most pot hole filled street in the city.  In fact, one year a duck spent the good part of April swimming in the lake that arrived temporarily after the snow melted.  But considering what I have seen in my travels, I can be thankful that it is a paved road.  But darn it, I hate potholes.
Plains of Bagan, Burma

This week was full of potholes.  So many that there was just no dodging, things fell apart.  My plan was to finish the first half of the latest novel.  That didn't happen.

I started out with good intentions - last Saturday to be exact was when I decided I could meet this goal.  The writing was moving along, that was before the phone call.  The one that involved locating a clinic that would do stitches - hubbie, eight stitches all told in his hand - did I mention I don't do emergency well?

Well that was last Saturday so where's the rest of my excuse?  Let's call it Income Tax.  That's no excuse, I know.  After all Income Tax has been due on April 30 since the beginning of time - or for as long as I've been doing it anyway.   Which seems like lots of time, lots of time to put it off.  So this week was crunch time.  Let's just say that after a long day at the office, income tax shows no appeal, or more truthfully - it never did.  But thinking about it is an exhausting thing and after a few days of gathering paper, asking the right questions and then pulling out the calculator... the week was over. 

So in the meantime, the writing stalled and it was only today that I actually got some work done.  Well I did for a good two hours until I had to stop for a quick visit to the vet.  Yes, another pothole.  A small blip that had me sneezing after we left  - having waited with three cats.  The dog's fine but did I mention I'm allergic to cats? 

But despite this week's events proving that life has the ability to laugh at my goals - I'm setting them again.  It's what keeps me in the chair - that and did I mention I love writing - most days.

So I'm back at it with a fresh cup of coffee, ready to blitz through those 10,000 words standing between me and the goal.  But first there's just one request - pass the kleenex.

Any potholes in your day?  What throws you off track?

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Doreen McGettigan said...

I can totally relate I have not met my writing goals for the past to weeks..for me it is the weather it is getting so nice out so I just want to be outside..I should have taken my notebook out with me but to be honest I was just lazy about writing this week..will try again starting now!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Doreen - I'm totally with you - when the weather turns nice I know I'm going to be shorting a few word counts. But right now we have a weekend of "surprise" snow and I'm getting lots done.