Monday, March 8, 2010

Fact or Fiction

There is no Central Bureau for Interpol in Saskatchewan.  Imagine that!

Why the interest in Interpol you ask?  Or you didn't.

It's about books of course.  The research for a book is what took me on this particular tangent.  My interests these days, as I'm mid book times two, seem to be dictated by people whose existence is dependent on my imagination. Imagination or not, they still need a sturdy base and that means facts.  So when it was clear that the hero in this fictional story had to work for Interpol, my first thought was that maybe I could visit the local Interpol office.  Time and distance put a stop to that thought pretty quickly.  Interpol has one Central Bureau per member country.  In Canada it's in Ottawa and that’s pretty much a trip to Mexico away from here.  

I never thought that writing fiction would have me collecting a data base from story to story of seemingly unrelated facts. Not that I mind - in fact next to writing, delving into obscure nooks and crannies in the local library has almost become a hobby - almost. So it's off to check out my latest interest - film documentaries.

What grabbed your interest today?

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