Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Day and Details

Today is the day - the answer to how long winter is going to be.  Will Mr. Ground Hog see his shadow or won't he?  Fingers crossed everyone.  It's a small thing I know but as a good ground hog knows you've got to pay attention to those shadows for if you don't you'll screw up weather prediction world wide!  Maybe not such a small thing.

Like writing, if you don't pay attention to those little details the whole thing can fall apart.  In fact yesterday I was told about a great travel story.  A tour through India which came with a recommendation and a caveat - there was no mention of food!  That fact left the story a little flat for the reader.  Now maybe that's a bad example - for not to mention the food in India is not a small thing.   When I travel, food is a major part of the experience.  It's got to be mentioned.  So a small thing to the author was obviously a big thing for others and there was a pall over the story as a result.

Small details paint the bigger picture, give you three dimensional characters and lush settings.  It's something to remember as I wait with breath bated to see if that darn shadow appears - hopefully not!

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