Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bits, Bytes and a Book

Quick, take my e-reader away.  It seems I've become addicted! 

At first when I began my e-reader voyage, hubbie accused me of just liking to shop online and not actually reading what I was buying.  And you know, to begin with he was right.  The novelty of just picking out a book and plopping it effortlessly through the nethersphere onto my e-reader was too tempting to resist.  Now not to say that I bankrupted the family in book purchases.  Let's just say I'll make it through the remainder of a Saskatchewan winter.  Although, let's be clear - that could pessimistically mean somewhere near the end of April - it's been known to happen.

So I've settled in to begin working my way through all my purchases and no, I haven't divorced myself from paper.  There is still nothing that compares to a paper book.  And yes, I bought a few of those too.  Not to be repetitious but what the heck - it's been a cold winter.  And I'll be well entertained right through to the end and possibly well into spring.

Back to the e-reader.  What a lovely gadget.  It's not that I haven't read books electronically before.  After all, I read my own over and over again on my trusty little laptop.  I know, not quite the same.  The first time I transferred a pdf version of my story onto the e-reader - wow!  It was like a sneak preview.

Now I'm digressing.  Where was I going with this?  Just that I'm surprised that I'm this comfortable with an e-reader and that I don't love it any more nor any less than a paper book.  It's just different.  I won't take it to the beach, or the bath, or eat a solitary breakfast with e-book in hand.  Somehow it just wasn't made for that.   But it's good almost everywhere else and for purchasing books that I may enjoy but don't need to see resting comfortably on my shelves.  It's handy for travel and journeying back and forth to work.  And it's dandy for shopping for books - of course we already covered that!

Yes, me and said e-reader are getting into a routine.  Although, I must admit that a paperback book will never tell me that it's about to shutdown because it's run out of power.  And after getting tired of issuing warnings, a paperback will never just close its cover in mid sentence and shut down like my e-book did the other night.  The nerve!

What's your preference - paper or paperless? 



Teresa said...

At least you can rest your ever sore thumb - having to hold the books open!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Good thought - there's no holding the page open - a plus.