Sunday, January 31, 2010

Knit? Never!

"Maybe you should take up knitting!"  An off the cuff comment meant to be funny as I bemoan the fact of the long waits common to writers.  I'm a writer not a knitter and all things considered I barely have time to vacuum.  

At the moment I'm waiting on a submission, and the waiting is painful.  It has been broken by fits and starts of revisions, encouragement, new submissions and more waiting.  I'm not naive, I know that in the publishing industry things don't move quickly, still...

I feel blocked, rather like our easements which are clogged with snow and only accessible if you have the desire to unexpectedly sink to your waist in snow. It's a roadblock to which I don't have much control.  There's one in every life path, in every dream.  So what to do now?

Well, first I stew and stall and then...

A good friend aptly named the malady to which I am now subject as "hurry up and wait."  Sometimes it's hard to hold a dream when despite the best reasons for delay weeks slip into months and still you wait.
The world of brilliant blue skies is a realty in Saskatchewan year round.  But how do you dream when everything in the blue sky just appears like a holding pattern?

Sometimes when we send our dream into the world, we forget the heart of the dream  its inception, the simplicity of that primordial moment.  In my case, the joy of just writing because of the rush of putting words on paper got forgotten for a brief impatient moment.  A short time ago I was reminded of my knack for starters, first liners that begin that fabulous journey into fiction.  I was asked to submit first lines so that readers could submit what they thought should follow.  I'd forgotten the ease and joy I got out of writing those opening lines.  And as I started the lines to stories I would never complete, I remembered the dream and how far down the path I'd already traveled.

Everything good is worth waiting for and of course everything good is also worth working for.

But in that lull between dream and reality - How do you keep your dreams alive?

Ring of Desire
From the Dust

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