Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Said Windshield Wipers Weren't Romantic?

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" takes on a different meaning when you're wrestling snow iced streets packed with last minute shoppers.  That's what I did today and that's what brings up the subject of this post - windshield wipers.  Yes, you read right - windshield wipers!

They're not made for climates that see sub-zero temperatures and snow.  Most wipers are ineffective at taking snow and ice off the windshield and today, the wipers completely froze up and refused to work - not great with temperatures diving, snow pelting the windshield and grey skies threatening more to come.  What about a winter setting for windshield wipers - where their resting place is a few inches higher, high enough to reach the warmed windshield and prevent freezing?  What about a car that was actually made for winter?  What about...  Okay, sorry I was on a roll.  But a little planning sure doesn't hurt and there's a lot of us winter folk out here that would truly appreciate a real made for winter vehicle.  Did I mention planning?

In writing planning can prevent a lot of grief like having to untangle the thread of a subplot that isn't quite as logical as you first thought.  Or planning for the Christmas rush so that you can find time to write even during the craziness leading up to the holidays.

This year I forgot to plan and so the book waited until my characters began screaming at me.   But now with the book signing nicely completed, Christmas presents bought and wrapped, it's almost time to get back at it.  Almost? - maybe past time.

But my fave time of the season is just around the corner.  Christmas Day when everything settles down, the stores close and we can just sit back and enjoy.  Maybe even time to write should I awaken early enough.  In the meantime, there's just one more present to wrap - maybe while dreams of functional windshield wipers dance through my head.

And your dreams?  Do you plan for them to be slightly more romantic?

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