Monday, November 23, 2009

Football and a Good Book

Yesterday, for an afternoon, I was turned into a football fan! Me, who at most is happy watching only one half (preferably the back half) of any football game.

So let me back up here - yesterday was the Canadian Football League's Western Final. It was a home game that the home team won! Although I was there for a fund raiser and only saw bits until the last quarter, the noise and energy in the stands sucked me in. Awash in the home team's colours, the stadium vibrated as people hammered the upper decks and cheered their team nonstop for the entire game. How could you not be pumped?

And with a story - same thing, you want to be cheering all the way through - totally drawn into that world playing in front of you. It might not be your kind of game - maybe a historic instead of the contemporary you normally read. But it reaches out and sucks you in anyway.

Kind of like the football game yesterday. I ended up arriving home with a thunder stick in hand and the green and white colours slashed across my cheeks. Did I mention that I was supposed to be working not viewing - I couldn't help myself!

What draws you into a story?


Why is this post in green? The Riders of course - go Riders!
Next week is the Grey Cup!


Teresa said...

I love a story that draws me in! So much so, that I carry the book with me to work (no matter how thick it is) and steal away a minute or two to keep on reading. Or the book I have to read while I get ready for work or prepare supper with one hand! Crazy!
And the game? Vibrating is a good word for it! The "sea of green" lives on! Go Riders!

Ryshia Kennie said...

I love the idea of dragging some incredibly thick book everywhere because you can't stop reading.

Never prepared supper with book in hand - wait - I don't prepare supper. Apparently I write better than I cook LOL!

Go Riders!