Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rules of the Road

In my travels I noticed that the rules of the road differ from country to country. Here's a sample of what I've experienced:

  • Don't assume that the cab driver with perfect English that you hired to pick you up the next day is the cab driver you're going to get to take you cross country.
  • Speed and the ability to understand English sometimes has an inverse reaction. The more you tell the driver to slow down, the faster he may drive.
  • Your driver's continual horn honking does not actually ensure your safety nor get other vehicles out of your way.
  • The cab driver you hire is the one you'll get.
  • Radar is common and painfully slow drivers plentiful - another inverse correlation.
  • Horn honking is rare but glaring and speeding up to cut you off when you signal to change lanes - common

  • The left hand side of the road - the left, the left...

Tomorrow, November 16 I start a book blog tour.

First stop I'll be visiting over at Books, Gardens & Dogs. Pop on over- I have to say the interview was interesting! And there's a chance to win a copy of Ring of Desire a medieval paranormal with enough magic to keep things on the edge.


Teresa said...

Ooo hoo!!! Look at that GREAT book! I can't WAIT to get my hands on it!!
Great humour in this particular blog - made me laugh out loud. I've watched the driving in foreign countries in shows like Amazing Race, and I can only imagine...

Teresa said...

PS - Congrats on the November 15th release date!

We are proud of you!

Ryshia Kennie said...

You're making me blush - jeez you'd think I had you under contract to say these things. Thanks!