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The Romance Studio - Who's My Favorite Author?

Subject: Oh, I’m sorry. What did you say? Who’s my favorite author?

Oh, you thought I was going to name a favorite author, didn’t you? That will never happen. LOL My reading tastes are just as eclectic as my musical tastes. I like everything from young adult to Stephen King at his goriest so to name a single favorite author is not possible. And I imagine most of you would agree to that. Unless you’re a fan of Stephenie Meyer, in which case you’re not reading this blog. You’re in line to see New Moon, again, somewhere right now. LOL

I digress.

While I do have a lot of favorite authors, what grabs MY attention? Author sites.

If the site loads fast, the author’s latest book is out there on the front page for me to drool over, navigation is easy enough for me to understand at 1 AM when I actually have time to surf the net and am half asleep. If I find a book I like and the site has it going on, and I’m hooked. I’m clicking through to buy that book. Why? Because aside from getting a good story, I know I can count on that author to make it super easy for me to buy it. The less I have to click, the better I like it.

Want to bet on how many readers out there are just like me?

A good site grabs my attention more than 200 Yahoo promo posts, the author’s rant about toothpaste on Twitter, or that invitation to Farmville on Facebook (and you WON’T get me to play that, sorry! LOL) I don’t have time to do the contest thing, the chat thing, or to follow blogs. A good site is there, up-to-date, and constant. Ready whenever I am. Now we’re talking. =)

What will turn me away at an author site? 1) not being able to find what I want in 5 seconds (television and the internet have given us all ADD, let’s be honest), 2) not being able to get in the site because the flash promo is stuck or didn’t load properly, or 3) finding the site hasn’t been updated since April.

Ever feel like that?

So, fellow readers, I pose this question: What can an author do to grab YOUR attention? Do you read the promo posts on the Yahoo and MSN loops? Do you like contests? Do you love the blog circuit? Getting email announcements from authors?

What do you like?

I’ve got print books to give away readers. =) I’ll do some author prizes too. But talk to me.

Thanks to Ryshia for letting me play on her blog.


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Tina Pavlik said...

I would sing while I'm waiting but... it would probably break the blog or something. LOL Anyway, I can tell you guys that TRS has a big Holiday event in the works for December. Watch for it. We're going to have a lot of books to giveaway and a lot of other holiday fun. =)



Jamieson Wolf said...

Hi Tina and Ryshia!

You know, as an author, I promote a lot. I do have a Twitter account and a yahoo mailing list and Facebook, and all that stuff.

But for me, what hooks me is indeed the authors web site. If I hear of a book I might like, the first thing I do is see if the author has a web site.

I'm quite picky and can be quickly turned off by a web site; I hate the ones that play music when you arrive there.

If they don't have a site, I usually look for a blog. This is a great way to get to know the author, read excerpts and see what their interests are.

I usually ignore almost all the yahoo posts I get, as I don't have time to read them. But I do like certain author newsletters. I'll try to read the newsletters from my all time fave authors, but otherwise, I don't have time. :)

So for me a site and a blog are what I look for. And they are usually what will get me hooked on an author. Woohoo!

Great blog post and very thought provoking. :)


Eva S said...

I like author's websites and blogs, and contests are great. It's a way for me to find new interesting authors. I read newsletters too but I agree about yahoo posts, too many of them.

Karin said...

Contests get me interested. The blog is okay if you don't get a bunch that know each other really well and 'talk' about each others families, etc. Some of the promos are hard to read - poor spacing, small print, etc. I agree with everything you said about the author's page. Have the important things load quickly. But, first I have to find an author that I want to check out. So, I would have to repeat, contests!

Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you! Blogs. I forgot that. I do like author blogs so I can see what sort of person they are. I find many of the blogs either very useful or very funny (they are intended to be). I think the blog is a great thing in most cases.

I'm not a fan of musical sites either. I don't mind a brief musical blip on an entrance page -- so long as it doesn't replay each time I go back to the front door page. But background music? I remember the days when I'd sneak on the net at work. There's that "S***!" moment where you're scrambling for the volume and hoping no one heard. LOL

Thanks for coming out. I see you've got a great looking release coming up. =)


Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you! I'm like you. I really try to at least skim the yahoo posts on my own site's loop. I really do. But there are a lot of them and I've often wondered how many people truly read them.

I can see contests being a great way to find new authors -- like our book-a-day. Problem is, I'm not allowed to enter that. LOL


Tina Pavlik said...


Excellent points. First on promos, yeah, simple works better. If too much is packed in there -- and now I'm hitting the phase of my life where I'm not able to easily read the fine print -- I won't try to read it.

And I've seen blogs like you say where people all know each other and you wouldn't really feel comfortable in commenting because you're an "outsider". I get that. I feel the same way.

So I agree with you on what you like but as you say, which makes perfect sense, you need that incentive. Contests.

Okay, question. Are the books enough of a draw or do you like contests where there are related gifts instead or with the books? Do the other items really make any difference? OR are the books the thing?

Thanks guys. This was a good topic.


Lanae said...

Hi ladies!

I love author sites. So long as they load fast and correctly. Being able to see their work listed is awesome. Then I can figure out which books I've missed or have to rush out to get!

I also really enjoy seeing the covers. I mean, who doesn't want to be able to get a good reading fix and drool over a gorgeous man at the same time!

I love the sites, follow the blogs some, and I do watch for contests. Can't turn down a free book, right.

I don't follow the posts much. They can get a bit harry. I mainly rely on author sites. I love finding authors I haven't read yet!

Thanks for this post. Hope you all have great day!

sherry said...

I love going to author's website and looking around and have a bunch in my favorites. I like to see what books are coming out and I hate to go to a site that's not been updated for months I know authors are busy but if their going to have a website they need to update it pretty often. I really love CONTEST I think there fun to do. I also sign up for newsletters that way if I forget to go to their website I don't miss out on the new books, contest and other things.

Lanae said...


That is a great question! My sister and I were just talking about that.

Winning a book is great. Having extras thrown in don't hurt a bit. You know, if you think chocolate goes with reading that book, then yeah, throw in some candy. It just makes it more fun, in my opinion.

Either way, it's a great way to be introduced to an author.

This will be an interesting thread today!

Missy Lyons said...

Very good topic today, but for me what draws me to an author is the book firstly. After I read it and am hooked, I check out the website for their backlist.

What's likely to get my attention? A really well written back cover blurb. Contests are fun, but they don't make me buy the book. However they may make me consider looking at the book to buy it.

Jo Ann said...

I like the contests. I've gotten to read some great authors and stories. Once I like an author/book I wind up finding more of their books by going to their websites and purchasing them. I love series, and look for them too.
Some of the blogs get too personal with the family stuff etc. i want to know about the books.

Tina Pavlik said...


Well said. How do you mostly find those new authors? =)

And covers. *sigh* Me too! Seeing a nice looking man in whatever state of undress never gets old for me. LOL

Thanks for coming out!


Carolina Valdez said...

I prefer author sites where covers and blurbs, maybe an excerpt, are displayed. As for contests, many authors I know, e-book and big press alike, have given up on them. You offer a prize if people comment, and then only six or seven do? I usually give away my print books and, to me as an author, it's not worth it. I sent two books to someone in Australia yesterday, and mailing costs were $14.00.

However, I saw a poll yesterday indicating what prize would draw readers in. Maybe I'll go the big bucks and try one.

Meanwhile, let me say I'm a TRS fan!

Carolina Valdez

Passion - Heat - Ecstasy

Anonymous said...




Tina Pavlik said...

Sherry, awesome point about the newsletters. I do those for authors here and there and it's good to know that you guys are using them to remind you to visit that author's site. Very cool! Thank you!


Tina Pavlik said...


Chocolate -- unless you're allergic -- well, you can't go wrong with that? Good point. It is fun and I can't imagine anyone turning away small gifts. Gifts are nice. If you're a happily married mom like me, well, you don't get gifts. YOu know? LOL


Tina Pavlik said...


Hey! How are you?

Absolutely, reading the book comes first. But I'm going to ask the tough question. Why did you buy that book? Do you go to your local bookstore and pour over the shelves? Do you rely on friends who say "You've got to read this!" Or what...? You're an author but also a reader. Talk to me. LOL


Tina Pavlik said...


Oh JoAnn, you made a very good point. So you're saying you've won books in contests, liked the prizes and came back to buy more books from that author? Take notes authors. Concrete proof that the contest thing DOES work. Awesome! About what percentage of the authors you read came to be on your interest list this way?



Margay said...

I love books, so a big draw for me is contests to win them or gift certificates. But I think blogs and blog tours are important draws, too. I don't think it's enough for authors to have their own blogs, I think they need to go out there and do guest posts on other blogs to gain attention. If I like what they write about in their posts and they interact with the readers (nothing more frustrating than leaving a comment for an author that never checks the post or responds), then I will be more likely to check out their books. These days, I think that interaction with the reader is key. They have to make themselves available to the reader (when they're doing posts, at least).


Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you! HUGS

Okay, see this is part of why I wanted to bring this up.

Between TRS and doing web sites for folks (Psyche Designs --> Shameless promo LOL), I get to talk to a lot of authors. I talk to them usually more than I talk to readers. That's part of why I want to get out on the blogs like this more because I really really enjoy knowing what is on your minds, readers. I'm one of you. =)

Authors will want guidance on what to do on a site to draw in more traffic. Contests, blog events, are big draws sometimes and I tell them that though that's certainly not all they can do. BUT is the contest thing worth it?

On the one hand you have folks who enter contests and like JoAnn said, actually enjoy the prize and come back to that author's site for more. Guess what authors? It really does happen. LOL I can tell you from experience because if a reader can't find an author site, they'll come to TRS and see if they can find them there. Sometimes they'll even email us. I won this book by such and such author, LOVED IT, where can I find them?

Sure there are others who enter contests who might not ever buy and in today's economy I'm going to try and give folks the benefit of the doubt. Most readers are women, many are moms trying to keep their head above water. Maybe they can't afford much.

And it's hard for some authors because unless you're at a bigger house that sends you a crate of promotional copies of your print books -- this is one of those "did you know things" -- the authors have to buy those copies of their print books for giveaway and then pay for postage to mail them. That's pricey. That's why you see a lot of contests with ebooks.

BUT that's okay. Take our book-a-day giveaway at TRS for example. An average number of unique entries in a given day are around 125. That includes days where every single prize was an ebook.

Now if you're like me, you love your ebook reader. Now I can find the book I want without digging through boxes and shelves and wasting time I don't have. I have more storage space in my house. And my husband no longer bitches about the tote bag of books that never quite fit in the trunk when we go on vacation that I HAD to take with me. LOL

So, as usual, I can argue both sides. LOL


Tina Pavlik said...


What did the poll indicate was the most successful btw?



Tina Pavlik said...

Hey anonymous! We like Ryshia too.


Tina Pavlik said...


Awesome awesome point. Interaction is SO important to a reader -- like me. I mean to be honest, if you go to an author's blog and they can't bother to answer reader posts, well, it's a turn off.

I hate to admit to this but there was one author -- she's a mega NY Best seller romance author even today -- who was my all time absolute favorite. Loved her. I guess she got too successful or something because one day I got to her web site and there was no way to contact her. Instead there was a message to the effect of "XX loves to hear from readers but can't possibly answer everyone but please keep buying the books blahblahblah." I was used to sending a message after each book to her saying how much I loved it. I never got an answer but I didn't mind that. I understood she was probably busy. But this...? I didn't realize it until later but I never bought any more of her books. Haven't to this day.

Around that time I tried a new author at the same NY house and loved her work. I started emailing her the same way I used to the other author. She answers me every time. Every time. And this has been going on five years now and she's a huge success.

Makes a difference...


BreiaB said...

I like contests, author interviews,and looking at an author's site. Jenna Black's site comes to mind with things I like. She has a matching game with hot guys andshe also has contests that involve searching her site for key words that could net you a big gift certificate. Sites need to pull me in from the start so either the book cover should be there or something equally striking.I love reading blogs and I also like "talking" to authors on Twitter. I don't mind promos as long as they are short and concise. Sometimes I have a short attention span and a good way to pull me in is a great picture( works everytime)


Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you! A couple more good points. Twitter. Love twitter. That's a great way to "connect" with authors.

And I'm so glad to see someone mention interviews. =) I like those too. On occasion I'll read those and find an author I haven't read before and that's cool.

Thank you. I agree on authors who make sites fun. Even though I usually don't have time to do scavenger hunts or puzzles, I love to see them there. =)

Tina Pavlik said...

Okay, guys. I've got to go get my girls from school and make an important delivery. I volunteer for our local shelter and have to take by a collection of things our school has gathered for folks there. If you ever want to help out in your community, that's one really wonderful and rewarding experience and I recommend it. Never said it was easy but I recommend it.

I'll be back in a couple of hours. Please keep posting. I'll be back and and I will answer each one. =)

And give away stuff. LOL


Margay said...

Tina, I agree it makes a difference between whether you buy that person's book or not. Margay

robynl said...

I love blogs and I visit many each day I can; I like chats whenever I can make it; I like review sites and excerpts and author interviews= this all leads me to find new authors and their books and authors I know and their new books coming out.

Anne said...

I tend to find new authors through contests - so an interesting web site usually catches me. I absolutely hate sites that are not up to date.

s7anna said...

Hi Tina,
I'm the exact opposite...I love to follow various authors' blogs, am always chatting with authors on the Yahoo loops...entering contests...

There's nothing that gives me a bigger thrill than to be able to directly communicate with the authors. I've already read voraciously...even as a child..I would just flip through pages of my Gramps Newsweek/Times Magazines..not to mention his old engineering texts...(what can I say...I was odd even at that age) even though I couldn't read...

Authors have always been like super-beings to me...just completely out of my sphere of life...When I first started participating in various discussions and following blew me away...I mean it was such an eye-opener to realize that authors are just like you or me LOL. It may sound naive...but idol worship is sorta blind and to me all authors rank pretty high on my list...

I love an author who's interactive...keeps their info up to date...You're right..there's nothing more frustrating than to go to a site/blog and realize it hasn't been updated in months...You feel let down and the joy of discovering someone new just vanishes...

I adore websites that indicate all their work..including sources to purchase...I also really love it when they divvy up series which makes it that much easier to start them or keep track of what next to read. I don't need the website to razzle dazzle me with all the mod technology but a great informative, easy to navigate site goes a long way.

I've noticed that one of the most effective ways that authors are able to draw in new readers is by holding a contest. I can certainly attest to that...I've started reading an author's work by simply winning one of their books...if I loved it...I end up buying all of their books and keeping track of their future projects.

I really enjoyed the topic that you brought up today and given a chance I could go on forever...I'll stop for now :P

Happy Reading
Anna Shah Hoque

SiNn said...

well I read loops and if a cover grabs me or the authors bio does ill check out more i love hearing from authors contests and giveaways are a plus but if i dont know what their works about it doesnt help me know if its something i like. So what impresses me the most is when authors interact with readers blog tours and the like

SiNn said...

as far as sites if i cant get thep age up i wont go back to it if it isnt updated least once a year since sometimes it takes me a while to go there and ur right thenet makes me have ADD lol sometimes what turns me off is if the site is too hard to navigate and i haveno idea whats being showed or it doenst even mention their work

Coffee Time Romance & More said...

waving to the wonderful Tina and Ryshia!

Ryshia Kennie said...

My blog is Tina's today but I couldn't help myself - I had to stop by to say hi to everyone.

As well as a thanks to Anonymous
Hi to Jamieson
And a wave back at Coffee Time

sarabelle said...

I love author sites and all the fun cool stuff they do for promoting their books. I love the contests and excerpts. I am absolutely hooked on blogs about books too.

Lanae said...


Covers.....ahhhh. Makes my day! And, nope, I'm not allergic to chocolate! Sorry for anyone who is!

I find new authors by going through other author sites. Seeing the different authors that they list gets my interest.

Also, my sister and I swap books a lot. So, that helps me find new authors, too.

I'm also a member of a few different sites (like Goodreads) and I do check out different boards (like TRS), as well as I get newsletters from lots!!!

So, besides walking through the books aisles at the store, that's how I find new authors.

I know what you mean too, about not getting gifts. I am also a happily, married mom. My hubby actually told me one day while discussing Christmas shoppiing, that I can give up any hope of being surprised with my gifts until after the kids are all gone. Until then, somebody will always give away what I got before hand.

That is part of the reason I like the extra goodies with the books. It's always good!


Tina Pavlik said...

Thanks, Margay! =)


Witchy Woman said...

Hi Ryshia!
Well stated Margay, by the way.
Hi Tina,
An author grabs my attention by sending messages through the Yahoo Groups. Love Yahoo Groups! I also hear from wonderful authors through romance review sites. These blog sites are updated daily, with author interviews. It's great to read an author's post regarding their new book, and other random thoughts. Newsletters are nice too. There's an Aussie author who has the best newsletters, I always feel like I'm reading a mini-ebook. So really, author Yahoo groups is my #1, then blog sites, then newsletters.

Tina Pavlik said...

Robyn, you find new authors at review sites? SQUEEEEEEE!


Tina Pavlik said...

Anne, I absolutely agree on out of date sites. =)

Thanks for coming out!


Margay said...

Thanks, Witchy Woman!

orelukjp0 said...

I love contest that are easy and involve free books. Autographed and personalized are even better. That way I can get to read a favorite author or read something from a new author who may then become one of my favorites.
Thanks for the great giveaways.

Tina Pavlik said...

Anna, thank you for such a wonderful post. I feel that way with authors sometimes too and there is nothing better than to be able to interact with them -- or even just pretend they are getting your mail. You know?

I love that you are further proof that contests do work and that readers will buy future books from authors where they've won a contest. Wonderful! Thank you!


Tina Pavlik said...

SiNn, I agree with. I've sometimes seen author sites where there is this huge introductory letter that doesn't mention a thing about their books and I can't easily find them. I can't stay at a site like that. I'll fall asleep. LOL

Put the book right up front. Tell me all about it. That's why I'm at the site.

Thank yoU!


Tina Pavlik said...

Karenne! *waving*

Tina Pavlik said...

Ryshia, come join in! =)


Tina Pavlik said...


Excerpts? Thank you. I'm glad someone mentioned that too. I love a good excerpt -- where something's happening. Another sign of a good author, they know just the snippet to put out there to reel you in. =)


Tamsyn said...

Hi Ryshia Tina, great post!

I have my author sites all bookmarked for easy access. But many I gave up on because the sites are not regularly updated... So newsletters are great because then I get news on the new books, etc.

For new authors, I get my tips from groups, blogs and review sites and if I won a book/ebook in a contest and I like it, I'll buy the rest of the books too. So I like contests! But sometimes I wish they would state upfront whether the contest is for international readers or not. A couple of times I won and was told that they had to draw another name because they don't send international. That was a major disappointment! although I do understand the postage issue.

And of course, a great cover and blurb/excerpt goes a long way to attract my attention! So promos are a big draw as well. But I don't like it when authors paste the same promo/blurb/excerpt all through the week or every week at the same group. It puts me off.

Well, that's my two cents.

Tina Pavlik said...


SO with you on gifts for Mom. LOL

There are a lot of good sites out there are good books -- not just TRS. I lurk... a LOT. LOL I like to keep up with what's going on out there even if it's not at TRS. LOL


Tina Pavlik said...

Witch Woman, fair enough. It's good to know someone enjoys the Yahoo groups out there. See?

But how do you have time to read all of them. I try but most of the time don't feel like I've made a dent. LOL


Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you for the great post. Two things. I'm glad you mentioned making a contest EASY. We'll host contests for authors and collect entries. I always tell authors, the more questions you make the readers answer -- the less entries you will have. A simple question, a name, and an email? Fine. Ask them 5 questions and you just cut your entrant total WAY down.

On giveaways that are signed, etc. Does that include disks with ebooks that are signed?


Tina Pavlik said...


Wow, two more good points. I think folks should be upfront on where they'll mail to also. I know postage is high. But we ask authors who do print in our book-a-day for example to tell us if they will mail to US only. It's fair.

And on promo posts repeated over and over -- I hear you. I don't mind the profession promoers who post because you won't see them post the same exact promos every single day. Sometimes you'll see an author do it. I swear every time someone posts the same promo M-F on one of our loops at TRS, we'll have 3 people unsubscribe. =)


Ryshia Kennie said...

Hi everyone!

This is all very fascinating or should I say enlightening. It's great to hear what readers want. As an author you want to satisfy your reader - by a) writing a good story and b) getting into their hands. Sometimes b) is the most difficult task of all. That's why posts like this are so valuable.

I have to say - Someone mentioned earlier how thrilling it is to speak to an author. Let me tell you that as an author, how thrilling it is to have a reader seek you out. That pretty much will make my week.

marybelle said...

Contests are a great way to start. I love getting newsletters from authors, so I sign up for all I find. The more I know about the author & their work the better. This means I buy the books.

Witchy Woman said...


I spend 10 min. daily checking my emails from Yahoo & checking in on my Yahoo Groups. I do not belong to 2,000 different groups nor do I belong to groups which email me 573emails a day. The groups I belong to, are mostly "author" Yahoo groups. It's the author herself, stating where she's blogging or doing giveaways, etc. Very manageable.

You're most welcome.

Tina Pavlik said...

Ryshia, that's perfectly said. =)

Wow, this has been our biggest turnout yet and I've learned a lot. Thank you guys so much. I'll give everyone until midnight to post. I'll do prizes in the morning so check back. Thank you to Ryshia for having me and thanks to all of you. =)


Tina Pavlik said...


Thank you. Another person to prove contests work. =)

Thank you!


Tina Pavlik said...

Witchy Woman, oh aye. I get you. I'm on maybe 15 groups outside ours and none are open posting. The TRS groups though. Wow. Still it's nice to see all of the new books coming out. =)

Thank you...


Ryshia Kennie said...

Thanks Tina for hosting - great topic! Thanks to everyone who joined in - what an interesting day.

Good luck in the contest draws!

Tamsyn said...

Hi Witchy Woman,
I think I'm going to copy your style. I currently join too many Yahoo groups (recommended by friends, authors, other groups, etc.) and author sites. I'm overstretched!
Thanks, Tamsyn

Teresa said...

I will admit I didn't know much about author blogs and so on until I participated in a "scavenger hunt" contest where I had to visit different author sites to answer questions. That's the way to advertise. I would NEVER have visited ANY of those sites, (except for Ryshia's), on my own. I didn't even know those author's existed. But now I do, and it would be fun to hunt down the books that I read about.
Let the author's know about the contests/new books/special promos and advertise for each other. You're all in the same boat anyway. Support one another. I guess the best way is on the big sites where many author's meet at once.
But if it was up to me...nothing beats standing in the wonderful world of books at the local book store, and immersing myself in the splendor of colourful covers, and intriguing cover write ups. Yahoo! And if a friend has sent you there because she told you of a great book - what a great excuse! Bring on the books!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Tamsyn - I can totally relate - I've belonged to too many groups and done justice to none until I scaled down.

Teresa - I love a bookstore too. If only small presses could get the shelf space they need. In the meantime I've come to love the online bookstores. I hope my readers do too.

squiresj said...

Like you I love all types of books. I love contests so I can win books, review them, and share them with others and give them as gifts. Part of what draws me to a site is another author recommending the author or book, I have books by that author and check out site. But what draws me back again and again is when I find I love the author's books and what I find on the site.

annalisa said...

As a reader, I love to find out about books by checking out author websites, blogs, and joining their newsletters. I also have a tendency to click on links in author blogs and I have found other authors and sites I like this way. Review sites have also helped me find new books and authors. I love certain review sites that display book covers that make it easy for you to find out more information about the book. Covers are usually the first thing that will catch my eye and make me want to find out more information about a book.

And I LOVE contests. I have found many new-to-me authors that I now enjoy because of entering contests. If I love a book, I'll want to read more by that author. I've won some ebooks that I enjoyed so much that I went and bought the book in print for my keeper shelf. :)


Ryshia Kennie said...

squiresj - seems to be a common affliction, the love of books. I don't think I've ever read a book on an author's recommendation. Even typing that made me pause and think, really? But really, I don't think so. Not because I wouldn't take their recommendation but because none have ever recommended one to me.

Last book I picked up was an author I'd never read before. What intrigued me was an ad in a magazine and a book that had fantastic cover art. I'm drawn to a site usually because a friend mentioned an author and I'm curious. I've found some gems that way and by following their links to other sites.

Lanae said...

You know, I've never picked up a book simply by the authors name. But I will always look twice if an excerpt catches my eye.

I love the contests simply because it makes me look twice at an author willing to give away a book to get their name out there. Granted, I don't always enter them. But, if it's something up my alley, darn right I'll enter.

Lanae said...

You know, I'm calling it a night. But first I would like to thank Rysha for letting Tina take over for the day!

It was a great topic for the day! It's so nice to know that we are really "talking" with real people.

Rysha and Tina, I would like to say thank you for today. I quite enjoyed it and hope everyone else did, too.

Thanks again and good night!


SiNn said...

ok i subscribe to alot of yahoo groups lately tho i skimthrew sinc emost is same excerps on their sites and same ole same ole im just on digest tho so i can skim threw faster and i didnt know TRS had a yahoo loop or id of subscribed

Monya Clayton said...

In eastern Australia it's 6 p.m. on November 21st - so I'm late. But was very interested to read the comments. I'm published (2 books) and the whole marketing and promotion thing seems overwhelming. Very interested to note most of you like authors' blog.

I'm "age-challenged" Ha! that means I've no energy to spare, and the Yahoo digests don't catch my eye unless there's a notable post like the one that led me here. (In fact, girls, the whole computer thing still feels like science fiction to me sometimes! But it's marvellous.)

Now I must think up a little contest for my blog. And alas, I cannot post books overseas from Oz, we're such a long way from anywhere. (My heart goes out to the girl who posted TO Australia.) But I'll offer a pdf. file.

I'm totally in awe of people like you, Tina et al. With kids and a home and a job, I don't know how you do it. But I think you're all champions.

Whoops, I have to put the vegies on for tea (dinner!) and won't be back for a few hours. (Other things to do too!) But while I'm washing up - or maybe hubby will volunteer again? - I'll work out a contest.

Monya (aka Mary)

Tina Pavlik said...

Mary, it can be quite a juggling act. LOL And I'm not a young mother. Didn't get started until my 30's. But gosh, it's worth it.

Teresa, thanks for coming out. I agree with you on the bookstore but I know to enjoy those days because they are numbered. Ebooks are the future... So I'll have to keep pretending my ebook reader is an actual book. LOL

squiresj, good point.I agree!

annalisa, That's one reason I think TRS sees traffic -- those covers. Just trying lately to make it easier to see the other stuff too. LOL

SiNn we have three groups and the sign up for each of them is on our front door page

Lanae, thank you. This has been a very fun topic. I've had a lot of fun. =)

Okay, since it's the 21st now, I should hand Ryshia back her blog. What a great place! I'll be back often.

Okay I've got books to give away and author prizes too. But you have to email me today at tina.pavlik(at) Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


MarthaE said...

Hey Tina - Great comments. I agree that ease getting into and around a site helps alot! Although the music might be nice that slows things up sometimes and isn't really necessary.
I think being up to date is important too and easy links for purchase! I've seen some blogs where I couldn't get find a buy link!
I know some people just like to read the blurb for quick synopsis but I like attention getting trailers too.
And giveaways get alot of reader attention.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Thanks Tina - I don't care much that it's the 21st - I'm enjoying the comments.

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Tamsyn,

You're welcome. I'm actually like a loyal pet.(LOL) I'll support my fav authors as much as possible. I figure, if I'm going to just "lurk" around in a Yahoo group, I'm really not supporting them am I? If on the other hand, I'm part of an author's group, I comment back to members, the author herself, buy her books, review them if time allows. Then the group is a success. Publishers, and authors take their valuable time, and invest it. I appreciate that!

stacey said...

I love Contes tBut to get me to read a must sound good to me on the back cover.And the very must inporten is that when I read the book and love it I will most likely go out and get all the rest from that Author.

Samantha Gentry said...

Tina: Interesting information. Thanks. There are times when I feel as if I'm spending all my time promoting and no time writing. That upsets me.

As for a website...I had mine designed by the very talented Tina Pavlik!