Sunday, November 8, 2009

Promotion - A Different Journey

It's rather like the launch of a space shuttle - in of course a much smaller way. But in the scope of my life the launch of a new book is a big deal and I have the proof - sore fingers.

Sore fingers you ask? What does that have in common with the space shuttle? Nothing!

Nope - that's right nothing. Except to accentuate how much hard work goes into launching a book. Ring of Desire will be released on November 15. But now the other work has begun - promotion. So I've opened the closet door on the monster I call promotion and I'm wrestling him into submission. Yet promotion has tentacles that seem to spread into corners previously unknown - review sites and ad copies, author spotlights and bookseller orders and launch dates, and... And if my sore fingers are any indication I'm not sure which one of us is winning but I'm putting up a pretty good fight. One thing I've learned about promotion is that it's all about a combination of hard work, tenacity and creativity, a proverbial smattering of luck and, of course, the most important - a great story.

So Ring of Desire is waiting in the wings. And there's some goodies in the wind - a book signing - a prize or two - maybe an appearance or two. As I develop the plan, I'll roll out the details.

In the meantime, I'm going out to enjoy the day. It may be only 2 celsius or 36 Fahrenheit but there is not even a flake of snow on the ground and I know later today about 5:00 the geese will shadow the sky in their perfect v formation as they head to feed in fields outside the city. All of it a gift in November in Saskatchewan.

Where did your travels take you today?


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