Sunday, November 29, 2009

Durian - Love it or Hate it

There are signs posted in some Malaysian Hotels - No Durian on the Premises

They're serious about this.  I wouldn't be surprised if suspected guests were frisked to ensure the premises were not contaminated.

So what or who is a  Durian?  It's no rock star or even a person.  Durian is a fruit and a popular fruit at that.  In Malaysia it is carted into cities by the truck load.  I've watched men in bare feet leap atop lorries with machetes swinging as dusk gathers lopping right and left to break the shell of this popular fruit.  In open air restaurants, diners crowd plastic tables and devour stacks of Durian. 

So with all this attention on one fruit - there is no choice but to try it.  So I did.  However, it wasn't much of a bite.  The smell got to me first.  Still I braved putting the thing in my mouth despite the smell.  That one wee bite stunk of garlic that had been tinged with a good splash of sewer water - and that was more than enough!

I may adapt easily to other places and cultures but some things I just can't understand and the Durian is one.   So I'm with the hotels that want the Durian well away from them. 

There are thousands of people that will disagree and tell you that the Durian is indeed the King of Fruit.  And who knows, maybe they're right.

Totally off topic or maybe not so much -  my latest hero has taken a shine to Led Zepplin.  This from my completely classical guy - any surprises in your travels?



Teresa said...

This fruit just SCARES me!

Ryshia Kennie said...

It was the bare feet combined with machetes that really had me on edge. But yeah - that is one ugly and well-loved fruit.