Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dreams Are Made of Edits

It's been quiet out here on the prairie - even the gophers are no longer chirping their alerts. The only thing not hunkered down for the approach of cold weather are the darn house flies - yuck - yuck and double yuck. And my fly swatter works overtime.

So - I've just emerged from Medieval England in a place called Hafne. I'm doing revisions on "Ring of Desire" a paranormal rooted in history. Giles and Vala are one of my favourite couples. Their love is magical in more ways than one. I have to say that when all is done, I'll miss their supporting cast too. Magna, of course, is my favourite and I hate to mention her name for even hearing that Ancient name makes my heroine want to cry. Shhh! I've said too much.

Where was I going with this post you ask? Don't worry, I too was asking. Revisions. "Ring of Desire" is moving closer to a publication date and that process means revisions. It's almost inevitable.

Once the idea has evolved into a story it must be fine tuned, spun and trimmed, punched and kneaded until it is sent off to the publishing world - the people who will make the dream of this story happen.

But dreams are made of edits and the publishing word wants some kneading of their own. This time the publisher's request for edits came as my head was well into another story following a twisted path of love and intrigue in Beijing. So for a minute everything stopped as I scrambled to get on the first plane out of Beijing and morph back into the Middles Ages. For a brief second it all appeared insurmountable. But a walk cured that and soon I'd left Beijing and flown back to Medieval England to reacquaint myself with Giles and Vala who I find are just as delightful as ever. And good thing because the holder of the dance card for this round of edits wanted more than one dance.

Every time I dive into a story it's a magical adventure. Of course, "Ring of Desire" is a little more than magical. The people who inhabit the story and the fictional village of Hafne consider seeing auras and beings that appear out of no where to be every day events. That's all but my poor hero. Giles had a tough time right from the beginning and there was so much riding on his ability to settle in. But all that's behind him now.

Despite blurry eyed hours at a computer screen at odd hours of the day and night, it's worth it to see that first pre-publication draft and the potential for the book this story will soon become. That's where "Ring of Desire" is right now.

Yes, it's called edits - and sometimes it's stressful and sometimes - well, it's just a blast from the past - literally!

So that's how I spent my weekend - how was yours?

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Teresa said...

That process of fine tuning spurred on by an alternate eye...sometimes welcome (and sometimes not), but always with good intentions. I'm so glad to hear we are one step closer to the final composition! I'm reading junior fiction just so I don't start anything too big! Yikes!