Friday, March 27, 2009

Diverted or Just Distracted?

It's interesting how quickly a plan can lay in shards at your feet. This week's plan was to focus on the current story, a romantic suspense set in China.

Instead, an interview request takes me to another time and another story but more importantly it's difficult to flip that creative switch from one story right back to another. But the plan is completely diverted later in the week by an unexpected event. Another story needs attention and for the next while the path has truly diverged.

To regroup I clear off the whiteboard and consider a long walk in the still "very fresh" air. Yes, spring is limping along slower than the most ancient of geriatrics. And that too is distracting. I consider that by some fluke spring has been indefinitely diverted. There should be tulips, less snow and more water puddles in plus zero temperatures. But despite noises about spring and the plethora of lawn furniture and brightly coloured accessories out in stores it's still looking a lot like winter.

Distracted? Diverted? Make another plan!

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