Saturday, March 7, 2009

Romance - A Science?

Recently I watched a documentary on romance. Individuals were coded into four groups based on personality. The groups were monitored and recorded in regards to how they interacted with each other as individuals. It was pretty black and white. Except, interestingly enough, they couldn't quantify what made people gravitate to one individual within a group and not another. Nor could they explain the many deviations from their rules. For instance, they determined that individuals in Group X are always attracted to individuals in Group Y, so why did one individual from Group X choose someone from Group W?

So what is romance? Can it be quantified? Do we want it to be quantified? When Rhett Butler told Scarlett that, "frankly he didn't give a damn" - did any of us doubt that he still loved her?

But we knew it was over.

So what made the romance - can we analyze the chemistry or do we even want to?

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