Friday, February 27, 2009

Enough Winter - I'm Running Out of Ink!

You'd think when the posts have been rather scanty through February that I'd have more to talk about than the weather. But people - it was -32 Celsius this morning. That is without a wind chill! I don't even think that's legal! Again, it is what I call scary cold. There are no dog walks happening and the day involved work, home, followed by remaining indoors. I emerged from days of revisions for this! On the upside, two stories have reached completion - okay, one not quite.

I love them both yet they are both incredibly different stories. I guess those that have children can say the same. You love them each as much - just different.

On so many mornings, with winter cold still raging around me - I emerge for a cup of coffee and retreat again into the basement where a story breathes the edges of completion and another one beats in the wings. The dregs of winter maybe - but the stories are coming as quick and sure as spring.
In less than one month, by the calendar, it will be spring. But in Saskatchewan I predict there will be snow, and lots of it. In the meantime, there is nothing to do but write!

On the other hand that's not totally true - there is snowkiting!

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Anonymous said...

-32 Celsius?! Good lord, girl, you have a lot more stamina than me.

Sadly, I live in North Carolina where we've only seen snow once so far. Already, I'm looking forward to the spring and summer again. Good thing I don't live in NY anymore because NC has turned me into a weather wimp. ;-)

Ryshia Kennie said...

But interestingly enough I'm a hot weather person. Really. Maybe that's a weather wimp in training? LOL!

Teresa said...

One good thing about winter is that you don't feel so bad about staying indoors to do great things like writing and reading. But I do tend to long for the time when I can take that book outside and sit in the warm sunshine and read...boy that feels like SOOOOO far away right now! But then the mosquitoes and wasps come to visit...hmmm, well, maybe just warmer than -27 would be nice!