Monday, December 29, 2008

Miracle in the Home Stretch

Like hoar frost on a tree, time is so fleeting. And every once in awhile we're reminded of that at least as far as our goals and ambitions and the daily time constraints we wrestle with to get it all done.

It's as 2008 runs out of steam that I realize my goal for the current WIP is heading into a time vacuum. Despite early mornings and meeting my write every day goal, it's going to be nip and tuck to finish the final draft by year end. Fortunately, it was a tentative goal, a goal really only made to self. One of those over-ambitious goals where there's a larger chance that an extension might be needed rather than a shout of "goal met!"

But - it's not over yet. There's still three days left in 2008 and it's back to work, if not to finish, to at least make a noticable dent in that WIP.

But like Nanowrimo last month - anything is possible!

How are your end of the year goals? Accomplished them all - or like me - looking for miracles in the home stretch?



Teresa said...

Just work hard and do your best! If the goal is met, then we celebrate - if least you know you have done your best and therefore can celebrate as well! Remember to take time for you too in this list of goals. (That's where I tend to fall short most often.) If you have met your short term goals, then you are on your way! Go for that WIP!!

Ryshia Kennie said...

It is easy to forget the "take time for you". I'll try to remember that as should you!

WIP is a-going but I'm taking the rest of the night off.