Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Journey on Square Tires

Today the car moaned and metal creaked in the cold. And then we were off, limping along on square tires. It's minus 22 Fahrenheit today or minus 30 Celsius. The first temperature converter I tried told me that entering minus was an invalid entry! What? Was that calculator from the Bahamas or what? Welcome to the frozen north and the beginning of hibernation and the best time to write.

Okay, I wish, about the hibernation part anyway. Hibernation no - square tires or not there's still places to go and people to see. But it is the best writing time because on weekends sometimes you're just a little more apt to cocoon, grab a pair of your favorite slippers and a cup of tea and head to the cubby to write. Yes, that is the advantage of a basement cubby aka office. When the wind howls and the temperature sinks, all that chilly weather well, it's all out of sight and out of mind. I can't hear a thing and my characters could care less as they galivant in some tropical paradise or at least in places where a snow shovel is not immediately necessary.

Square tires - you ask? Or maybe you didn't - I'll tell you anyway. When it gets cold enough the part of the tire resting on the road remains flat for a time so when you drive there's this clunking like the whole tire is flat rather than round giving more the impression of a square tire. As you drive, the tire eventually rounds out.

Should you have time or the inclination, head on over to The Romance Studio and enter for a chance, today only, to win a copy of "From the Dust".

I promise it was written in warmer weather - no square tires or frozen buggy wheels!

What's winter like in your neck of the woods?



Dog_geek said...

Oh my goodness! I think I would probably cry if it got that cold. Which would be bad, because my tears would freeze and my face would be covered with ice. Which might actually insulate it somewhat, so maybe there's a silver lining there.

Dog_geek said...

PS - I forgot to mention in my previous comment that it is supposed to be an unseasonably warm 60 degrees F here tomorrow. Too bad it will also be raining all day.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Dog Geek - now I know why we are freezing up here - you have stolen all the warm weather! Icicles hanging from your face - you would be quite a sight. I imagine you might make the local news. But ice is supposed to insulate so tears might work. Didn't the Inuit live in igloos centuries ago in the Arctic? Although, as a kid I don't remember our snow forts being all to warm - maybe there were design issues.