Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Regret Really Just an Opportunity?

Do you have any regrets as 2008 closes?

I have a good life and even my regrets are going to appear trivial compared to what others endure.

But here it is - what I've got.

I regret not traveling up the Irawaddy River in Burma on our trip there early this year. And while we spent a few weeks there, I regret not spending more time in Burma.

Although, that's a regret I can turn into a plus. Burma becomes a side trip on another journey and a chance to catch up on ground not covered.

And you know, now that I've considered it - this isn't a post about regrets but instead it's about opportunities.

How do you turn your regrets
into opportunities?

Happy holidays and a joyous Christmas!

From the Dust

p.s. stay tuned for a guest blogger who will be featuring a post after a recent trip to China. Life really is a journey!

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