Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's Your Passion?

Even when writing isn't your full-time job it can be a lonely business. Truly, most people understand that you're writing a book or that you published a book. What they don't get is your need to keep on writing books, publishing books, writing, writing, writing. That's why there's nothing better than associating with other writers. They get it!

That's the thing about writing, it's all encompassing. Writers can talk to anyone interested in writing for hours. Don't even think what happens when you get a group of them in a room. But the energy in that room is amazing!

So, although it's a bit of a drive - we headed out - Regina to Calgary for a writing workshop. The weekend had a bit for everyone. What better way to start a writing weekend but with something totally non-writing related! With hubbie and friend in tow we went to a wine tasting on Friday night. And it wasn't just wine - there was food, tequila, scotch and beer. It was inspiring to talk to the people representing each product and hear the enthusiasm, and share in the energy that made a concrete and steel structure come alive. There was a buzz inside that building and it wasn't just from the modest alcohol samples.

It's always enjoyable to talk to people passionate about their craft and that weekend I had two such evenings. On Saturday I was at a writing workshop where I met up with members of my writing chapter who I see once or twice a year. It's always a joy to reunite with writers, some of whom I now call friend, talk shop with others and meet new members who all share that same love, writing. There's nothing that makes you want to take pen in hand and write like associating with others that have the same "affliction." So we shared a common passion and made the walls come alive with the energy of it all.

What's your passion?



Dog_geek said...

I guess I feel the same way about getting together with my dog friends at an agility trial or training seminar, as you do about getting together with other writers. There's just something to be said about being with a group of people who "get it" where you know that you will never have to justify yourself.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Bang on Dog Geek. With people who share your passion you never have to justify - they just get it.