Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Hiking Map of Sarawak

I laughed when I saw the link. It's amazing where research for a story will take you . I remember now that Saturday morning squinting over a map of Sarawak, Malaysia as I atempted to figure out how my characters would get out of the Borneo jungle. Not that long ago, there I was figuring out east and west, and the hike's correlation to a river. There's even a waterfall that was a little bit of creative cartography. Go figure! An imaginary waterfall but when not a mapper be, one's imagination has to play just a little along side reality.

So the Borneo jungle complete with Aidan, Garrett and crew are off to the wide world to learn their fate. Last Man Standing is finished, for now. And while I await the world of publishing, it's off to new stories and new adventures.

Maybe, that's why I felt the nostalgia of last night and tonight. New projects are exciting but there's always sadness at letting go of the old.



Teresa said...

Change is always difficult. Congratulations on finishing the old and moving on to the new! We look forward to feasting our eyes on the new books!
Go girl go!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Difficult but sometimes refreshing.

Re books - we all wait anxiously.