Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change the Music

The last few days the new WIP (work in progress) has been giving me trouble. It didn't want to progress, the characters remained stuck, refusing to emerge from the one-dimensional cardboard state to which they had been born. Worse, the characters didn't seem to like me or even each other.

What kind of romance is that?

Not that this is totally out of the norm. The thrilling flash of inspiration that starts a story, for me, soon becomes work. That is, until the day, in the early chapters, that the characters emerge as three dimensional creatures and begin to choreograph the action. That's when the fun begins!

"Trouble Follows" was at that place but the characters refused to budge. Hiding in one-dimensional safety they were becoming a frustrating lot. Like little kids in the candy section of a grocery store, they were stamping their feet and refusing to cooperate.

Today, progress!

What did I change? Well, I changed the music. That's right. I write to music and I was using the same music that had survived through two WIPs. I can't help it. I didn't change it because mostly I didn't hear the music. It's only background noise - at least that's what I thought. But today, out went the old CD's and now, The Beatles White Album and others have replaced Nirvana, Mozart et al and that seems to be the charm.

Like everything else in life if the old tried and true doesn't work, maybe it's just that - old and it's time to change.

When you hit life's road bump do you ever change the music?


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