Friday, September 19, 2008

The West Edmonton Mall

Or, how not to get there? The mall I mean. Edmonton is bigger than anticipated. Of course, being from Regina, Saskatchewan, our perception of bigger - is well, skewed. Feel free to laugh out loud now.

Seriously, I should have gone to Edmonton a lot sooner than I did. It's a fantastic place and I'll have more in another post. For this post, the West Edmonton mall was in the plan. But plans are made to go array. I think that's what makes every life notable. A life lived with a plan in mind but the flexibility to veer is ideal. And the other day I veered. With a short few hours to make a plane, plans had to change. And change they did. And in the process of rerouting we learned something about ourselves and about our environment. In other words we grew. With every decision in our life, we should think - What does that effect? What did I change? How did I grow?

What makes you veer on the course of life?


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Teresa said...

What makes me veer is reality. Just when things get going...something comes up and - whoosh - "a veering we will go"!