Friday, September 19, 2008

Dreams, Reality and a bit of Destiny

Do you believe in destiny?

This week has been unexplainable - some unexpected knocks, some strange occurrences, and some unexpected opportunities - I call it destiny.

On every journey there's a turning point or a pivotal moment, as Dr. Phil would say. Some of these moments are small, unnoticed amidst the hum of daily life. And some of these moments are so large and so life changing that "a deer in the headlights" becomes an apt expression. But it's when you take the journey into your hands and begin to steer the ship instead of reacting to the waves, that's when the changes become more frequent, more life changing, more difficult to control.

As you charter your boat toward your dreams, toward the person you want to become, it might be a rocky ride but good things begin to happen. Change doesn't happen without sacrifice but change implemented with a good heart and good intent can be nothing but good for us and for those around us.

Dreams are simple, unstructured and often unrealized. A dream with a plan is a dream that begins to breath. Start simple. No matter if you're scrubbing floors and dreaming of singing opera or driving cab and dreaming of traveling the world - today, do one thing that makes you happy and more than likely that will be something that defines who your soul says you are.

So, yes, I believe in destiny, but I think sometimes we can give her a little nudge. Of course, that means she's going to push right back, which only means the journey will not be boring!

I always wanted to be a writer. And you, what's your dream?

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