Sunday, August 24, 2008

Romance Fights Back

Literature is a form of escapism. I get tired of hearing that romance is simplistic or written on a formula. Romance is literature. Fiction, literature. And there is no formula - people! True - there are lines that are more stringent than others. There are word counts. But there is no outline that says he places his lips on her, chapter 5, page 45!

Where do these myths come from? And as a result of these myths, romance takes a hit in the gut over and over again.

Every genre has some degree of formula attached to it and every genre has writing that explodes out of any rules attached to it. Talented writers are found in every genre. Talented writers create fiction that one day will be literature. Remember that Dickens wrote pulp fiction in his day. How many years after his death did it become literature?

You can't blow off romance any more than you can blow off sci-fi or horror or any genre as not being worth reading. Romance and love stories pervade through history and entwine within literature. I think the issue is women's roles in society. Romance and women's fiction empowers women and that can be a very threatening thing.

Look back through all the bestsellers and see if romance is not woven through almost every story. Just like murder, suspense and horror are written into
many a romance. Romance and love are a potent part of society and one I think many are afraid to acknowledge.

There, I feel better! What do you need to let out to make you feel better today?


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