Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take Charge - Move On

Sometimes shadows cross your path. Whether it's the perpetual negativity of an acquaintance or the potential damage of a gossip. There are all sorts of dark shadows that play across our lives, some much more damaging and subtle than any I have mentioned. All we can do is stay focused on who we are and what our purpose on this planet is. Dodge the shadows. They are rerouters that must be avoided. But every once in awhile, we can't. Then it's time to take charge - take a detour, move on.

This month I'm taking one of those detours, remembering what's important in my life, my goals, putting things in perspective and detouring. Detours are our way of taking charge of the direction our life is taking. And once you've decided on the detour - well eventually the shadow lifts - and it's time for some rock and roll. Even shadows cannot remain in the presence of the rock greats!!

Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song

"This too shall pass."


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