Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sometimes there's a tree in the Path

I had a goal, a deadline, a target and then the tree fell on the house! Literally!

There is always something that makes us change our path, or reassess our
journey. Today's obstacle was unexpected. But maybe that's what obstacles are all about.

I've been working hard the last little while on revisions to my current story. A deadline is looming and I was determined that I would be done early.

This evening a storm appeared in a sky that had been consistently thick and soupy all day. At first it looked like an ordinary thunder storm, one of many so common to the prairies. But it wasn't common. The lightening was sharper and the thunder snapped like it hadn't in a long time. Maybe it was a plow wind, maybe lightening, but whatever it was, there is now a full size tree decorating the roof of the house.

Now, I am thanking the Girl Guides and my father. Why you ask? Well the Girl Guides taught me their famous motto - Be Prepared and my father taught me to be early. In fact my father's determination to be early allowed me to be seconder at Girl Guides year one. Another story - something about an incentive so that the early bird sets up the chairs. Oh well, I digress. The point of my story, that while I didn't factor a tree, I was prepared for road blocks by having a bit of extra time. Fortunately, my real deadline is August 1 and my self-imposed deadline is July 23. And without that wiggle room that tree would have been as problematic as if it had arrived in my living room instead of my roof.

Are you prepared for the occasional tree?


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Teresa said...

Interestingly enough, for the procrastinators of the world, a "tree" is what is needed to get things done on many an occasion!

Nice tree on your roof! Maybe you can work it into the "Halloween" decorating!! (That's probably how long it will take for the city to get there anyway...) That certainly was quite a storm!