Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sail Away

Do you ever read biographies or autobiographies - stories of people who have accomplished big dreams or overcome insurrmountable odds? As a child and young adult I devoured biographies. Now, I still enjoy a good biography but often find myself with time constraints that only allow the blip of time offered on the biography channel.

What draws us to the lives of extraordinary people?

I think it's about hope and possibilities. While we rush to get supper on the table, pack lunches or mow the lawn, we can consider that our lives too, have the potential to soar above the ordinary.

The courage of someone who overcomes staggering odds or the chutzpah of a rock star who takes no guff from anyone - do they give us courage? Inspiration?

I think it's inspiration. We can see the potential if we just push forward.

The lives of extraordinary people reminds us that the world is full of possibilities. And they give us hope that one day, we will trade our row boat in for a boat in full sail.

Whether you want to paint landscapes or sail
away to the far corners of the world.
What inspires you?

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