Friday, September 5, 2008

Bad Guys

What do you listen to when you're writing. I write to bubbly syrup type music like Abba when I'm creating my sweet front guy. Nirvana when things are a bit troubled. Mozart when I'm just making up ground or on a roll. But Led Zepplin and associated rock that's for the the bad guys. The bad guys takes a story and twist it through the wringer. The plot tightens and the pace makes you hold your breath if your bad guy is doing his job. The antagonist can be viciously blunt and brutal but yet there is always some shred of humanity there. They are always broken, tortured souls for one reason or the other. Sometimes we know what turned them and sometimes we don't. But you can always feel for them at least to a point.

Shakespeare was populated with cads and it appears mankind is fascinated by the dark side. So Cruella Da Vil, Dishonest John, Hannibal Lector - How would you paint a bad guy that the world would love?


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