Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I Learned From My Dog

Doesn't the media tell us it's a big scary place? That there's a murderer, pedophile, rapist on every corner. I have news - bad news sells! But the result seems to be that we begin to distrust people and travel becomes something fraught with dangers. But is that really true?

I think not. I think the media sells papers with negative news for publicity and the global availability of every crisis and trauma has made us feel that death and destruction are only a footstep away. So we cloister our children - drive them everywhere, avoid underground parking, applaud anti-terrorist laws that impede our freedom and walk with our car keys lodged between our fingers and our hands cramped into fists. Yet, what are the odds? We might be run over tomorrow or hit with a neurologically damaging disease as easily as crime will land on our doorstep. So why, in one of the safest societies in modern history, are we so afraid?

Well today, Rourke, my feisty Irish Terrier stepped out with a purpose. To make friends and influence people, any friends, any people. First there was the man installing a new furnace. His
tactic, well Rourke just stared him down - the result a smile and a "hello handsome". Next on the list, the mailman or in this case woman. He waited patiently for her to get across the street, the result - a milkbone for now and one to take home. Then there was the little girl with father in tow that only wanted to say hi as Rourke ogled her from across the street. I tried to get him to say hi but barking wasn't in today's agenda, instead I ad libbed for him but the little girl was satisfied. So onward with three new friends in pocket - maybe the world isn't such a scary place after all. Because on the law of averages, three out of three isn't a bad number.

Is there more good than bad in this world? And do we just need to live smart rather than afraid?


Friday, June 13, 2008

From the Dust - Eva's at it Again

Seems once you give a character a chance to blog there's no stopping them. Eva Edwards had something to say again today.

Click here to read about Eva's hero.


Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. Lin Yutang

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Watery Journey into the Prairie Countryside

It was one of those days when my mother used to say the weather was fit only for ducks. It didn't start out that way as I headed into rural Saskatchewan. You don't think your province is much different city from country. I should know better, it is!

In a small town just outside the Qu'Appelle Valley, you're right, Eva's valley, the
women are egging the men into joining them in a bit of two-step.

And in that same town lives a senior who was actually at Normandy and fought in that battle. In the city, that just doesn't happen. I haven't seen a two-step since my mother danced us around the kitchen as children and we know we have war veterans and we honour them, forever thankful for what they have done, but more than likely we will never know them personally - or if we do, we are very lucky. In the city we just don't know our neighbours - or to rephrase, not anyone more than five houses away. Not so in small town Saskatchewan.

As I pull over onto a country road to fix a windshield wiper and take a picture or two which quickly turns into a very soggy, bad idea, I look over to see another car has pulled in beside me. A woman rolls down her window, braving the rain driving in on hard nailed gusts of wind and asks if I'm okay.And that's the country, this is her road, probably on the way to her farm and I, well I have city glaring from every bumper. But I have to thank her, in the city, that would happen but it would be rare - I'm sensing this wasn't.

Sometimes getting wet is the only way to really touch life.

And you - has life caught you in the rain lately?


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eva's Blogging

Take a look over at my book, From the Dust's, new site. Eva stars in From the Dust and right now she has some dreams she'd like to share.

What the Sam Scratch are you doing still hanging here? Click and make the trip!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trouble Even in Paradise

First there was the invasion of the wood ticks. After a triple digit infestation count, trips to the wilderness have been curtailed for concrete walks, at least until hot weather kills off that first batch. That should be right now - except for the unseasonable spats of cool weather and now forecasted rain.
Which of course only makes another Saskatchewan favourite happy.
Yes, the mosquito is out in swarms, droves, small armies. Saskatchewan bugs may not have all season to grow to any size but they make up for that in numbers.
We don't have helicopter size mosquitoes or bird size moths, at least not yet. But what we do have is mighty. Mighty annoying!

It is the time of year for bugs. So add to the already lengthening list, the canker worm.

I hope you're not squeamish, some folk are, but I'm betting they're not from Saskatchewan. We're hardy around here. We have to be. It's a whole lot of work to brush cobwebs and annoying little worms away with any walk down the sidewalk from now until mid-June while keeping an eye on the mosquito that looks like a small hover craft about
to land on your other arm.

Sounds bad, right? Never mind, I heard they have their problems even in paradise. Koh Yung, a small island paradise off the coast of Thailand has tourists evacuating by mid afternoon. Why? The black clouds of mosquitoes that appear at sunset.

At least in Saskatchewan, six months of the year are insect free. Unless you have winter boots and a scarf, the people and the insects prefer to hibernate.

In a journey into Borneo, I heard a saying that seemed so apt for that enchanting place where even the insects, or especially the insects, were totally enthralling. The insects were huge and amazing, moths were small birds dancing in the night lights. They say that in Borneo even the children don't fall asleep in science class. And after being there and almost knocked over by a bat size beetle, I can see why.

Make new travels from old paths. Love where you're at.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's go to Australia

I'm visiting the land down under.  Just virtually, of course. I wish it were for real - one day ...

So check it out. I'm featured global author with a web page and an interview with Aussie Writers for the month of June.

Ryshia Kennie Down Under

Do you know for all the fantastic things to see in Australia, the one that has fascinated me the most since I was a little kid is the Platypus.

And what fascinates you?