Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Touch of Nature

The wood ticks are still happily larking their way through Saskatchewan. So I've resigned myself to concrete travels for now, just a touch of nature. No wading through tall grass or ducking under trees and through shrubs. The wood ticks love that kind of stuff. I was averaging three wood ticks a day after the City Meets Country post. I never did post the record ticks on that journey. It was kind of like counting how many candy in a jar - it was just that many. So my recent journey was confined to the city sidewalks but it really wasn't so bad.

Everything is blooming - finally!

I mean everything - including the dandelions.

Do you know that dandelions originated in Europe? They weren't even native to Canada and now, well now they're everywhere. Kind of pretty in a virulent kind of way. And a sure sign of a spring that's slipping quickly into summer.

Even my characters are feeling the excitement of spring as they demand their stories are told and in a timely manner, thank you very much. Claire is anxious to get her story just right and for not beginning as a very assertive character - she's been totally in my face. I spent alot of time in Cambodia the last few days making sure that Claire's story is exactly like she wants it. She insisted on a few changes. My ears are still ringing from her demands. Fortunately, Claire's happy - and quiet, for now.

What's spring looking like in your bit of the world?


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