Monday, May 5, 2008

Time Travel With Man's Best Friend

The park was full of them - dogs! Yesterday's walk for the local Humane Society took place around Regina's Wascana Lake. There were dogs everywhere and people and dogs dressed in all sorts of costumes including yours truly and a group of dog-loving friends.

Although we didn't start out with anything but an Hawaiian theme
we did end up with the handle of best tacky tourist.

Yesterday's walk got me thinking about how much Wascana has changed through the years. It is one of North America's largest man-made parks, a depression-era make work project that created a beautiful lake from what was once really just a creek. But before the dirty thirties, before it officially became a lake, people came to swim here. In the years before World War II and even for a time after, it was still a place to go swimming.

Now, it seems only the birds and the occasional dog take a dip.

The park is still beautiful, maybe more so, and there's all sorts of recreation but it's not a beach destination - at least not anymore. And yet - once, it was.

It amazes me the imprint of time, how it changes our lives.

If you could journey back in time, would you?

For me, with a slight hesitation, a resounding yes - just give me a return ticket!

Til next time



Teresa said...

I would love to travel back in witness major events, and to "feel" the eras of long ago. Although right now, just some present time would be nice!!

It's been a while since I commented...I have checked every day, if I have been at home, but no real time to sit and think. Love the doggie walk costumes! Is it too late to pledge?

Marcia Colette said...

If I could travel back in time to the disco era, I'd be set. Yes, I'm one of those young, old-head's who still loves her disco music. But like you said, I'm not going anywhere without a return ticket.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Disco to me is always those metal looking strobe balls that circled over head and John Travola - and it always looked like fun. I can hear Disco Inferno now!

Ryshia Kennie said...

Terese - I hear you about some present time. The day job is infringing on the writing - this must stop LOL. More present time needed.

The dog walk would love to see more pledges and I'll take it right out to the Regina Humane Society courtesy of Team Renegade.