Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Slightly Discombobulated Moment

On today's road trip the prairie clouds lay precise and brilliant against a blue prairie sky. They are so perfect they appear almost artificial.

The road always brings interesting moments. Today's moment began with a craving for a denver sandwich. A quick bite at an early hour was about to become a head scratching moment.
The waitress informed me that it was her first day but she was pleasant and quick, as she poured me a cup of coffee and took my order. A few minutes later another waitress returned and asked me if I wanted a denver omelette or sandwich. I told her sandwich and was told I would have to wait fifteen minutes when lunch was served. Anxious to be back on the road I opted for the quicker omelette. When it arrived there were two slices of toast on the side and the omelette, which was really only the filling for the denver sandwich.

I had the makings of the sandwich right in front of me! So, waiting the fifteen minutes meant they would have put the omelette between the toast to make - well, you get the drift!
Instead - I did.

Hmmmm. What a difference fifteen minute makes!

Any strange happenings in your neck of the woods?



Teresa said...

Hey! What are you doing on the road? Where are you off to?

Ryshia Kennie said...

PA Wed. and then Saskatoon - Thurs. a nice morning drive back to Regina. And here I am home again.