Thursday, April 17, 2008

Through the Shroud of a Bad Day

Some days are just off. You know the kind, doesn't matter where you're going, that shroud of yuck follows along behind. The other day began as one of those days. No good reason, nothing much different that morning except the gray mood but then things began to change. First I found the penny - bright, shiny new, lying in the middle of the street. I won't bend to pick one up if it's not shiny. I mean it's only a penny. But if it's shiny, call me superstitious, I'll pick it up - my good luck charm for the day.

And it was.

Morning coffee break was indeed a break. With a shiny new good luck charm in my pocket, my shroud of yuck was about to be bro
ken. My favorite coffee shop owner brought my latte over with a big smile and a special heart frothed on the top because just the other day they had learned I'm a romance author.

How incredibly special is
that! There's no way my shroud of yuck could contend with that and so it slid off into the drain from whence it came.

So if you're ever in Regina and in need of a mood booster or just some time around truly special people, or just for the great food and beverages, check out this little vegetarian cafe.
Green Spot Cafe

2012 12th Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan

What brings you out of the unexpected blahs?
hmmm - usage of the word, whence - me thinks I've been playing in medieval land a tad too long. Til later.


Jan said...

Pass the penny or the's one of those days here.

Ryshia Kennie said...

Today the penny is all yours and a virtual coffee heart coming your way.

Teresa said...

What brings me out of the blahs? Quiet time by MYSELF, and control of my immediate space around me. Sometimes mindless nothings like TV help...unless the kids channel is on, in which case a little nap fixes all!!

Ryshia Kennie said...

I never thought of the kids channel! Hmmm - something to contemplate on those down times. Unless it's animated, which I mostly don't like, kids movies and me are pretty much okay.