Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Literary Multi-tasking

Call me crazy but I'm hopping between medieval England and the Borneo rain forest. My heroines are scratching their well-organized heads and my heroes, well they're taking advantage of my frequent absences.

It's time to put an end to that. One story at a time. So for the next two weeks, I'm sorry Aidan - you're on your own in Borneo. But behave yourself, you're a gentleman - you told me so. Yes, I know - Garrett can be a bit forward. Sorry - a lot forward, you're just going to have to deal without me.

He's right you know, without assistance from the author's pen, Garrett might just have him dancing to every tune she can think of. My poor boy will be exhausted by the time I return from my medieval adventure.

But hopefully by then Giles will have it under control with his magic toting band of female renegades - or not. Giles is nothing if not optimistic.

And you - do you multi-task?


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Teresa said...

Two going at the same time?!? That's impressive! I guess it keeps you on your toes. We don't just multi task around here...we multi-multi task!! Now that's a sight to see. It's good to slow down and smell the roses for a while too...hey, didn't you blog about that a while back?