Friday, April 25, 2008

A Journey through Time and Music

Why is it that music can reach out and touch our emotions through years and decades or in some instances, even centuries?
Take a Peek at - The Doors in Concert

Jim Morrison would be turning 65 this year, no longer that sexy hunk slinking around the stage singing provocative songs. Yet, by dying young we're forever left with that ageless image of raw, edgy youth.

Life is never easy and it's never fair - make the most of what you have.



Teresa said...

What I like about music is that within the first seconds of the tune, I am taken back to memories, and feelings of a certain time in my life. If you close your eyes long enough, you become that raw, edgy self of a while ago. (If you WERE raw and edgy though...some of us were more naive and slightly stupid really...)

Ryshia Kennie said...

But we thought we were raw and edgy - isn't that all that matters?

Teresa said...

Point taken...