Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Don't Have to Travel Far to be Surprised!

Today I learned that Canada was bombed once - well sort of!

During World War II the Japanese floated balloons carrying bombs over North America intending to cause havoc with forest fires and such.

On January 12, 1945, one of those balloons landed south of Regina. Yes, this all happened in Saskatchewan - a Japanese bomb - you heard it right - it exploded and took out a fence!

Right here, just south of sleepy little Regina, a bomb landed and a fifteen year old boy who witnessed it all had one exciting story to tell at supper that night. To think I'd never heard about it - how is that possible? Because in Saskatchewan, even 63 years later, this is exciting news!

The things you learn when you least expect it.

Any strange stories from your corner of the world?


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