Saturday, March 22, 2008

Through the Remnants of Winter

Yesterday the snow covered path on the back deck had melted clear of snow. This morning that same path is frosted over as winter makes one last attempt to lay claim to the land. But spring is hard and hot on winter's heels and it's a losing battle.

It's a great time of year as we wait in anxious anticipation of spring. Although it does make walks a challenge as I map a route that will have the least encounters with mud, water and dirt. Because it's the time of year when a dog walk means leaving a towel at the door. It's amazing how much dirt and mud one dog can collect but Rourke loves it all!

It's a time of year where you're not quite sure what to wear. The prairie breeze still has an icy chill on it but the skies are clear, the falcons screeching overhead as they stake out nesting territory. Puddles line the streets and dirty snow piles are everywhere as the winter retreats leaving treasures long forgotten over the many cold months; a dog's pull toy, a child's ball, an empty coffee cup.

But winter's debris is easily overlooked as the prairie sky shines blue and vibrant overhead, and young men venture out in t-shirts while the rest of us still huddle in winter jackets - in this season that is still winter, and not yet spring.

And a sure sign that spring is just around the bend - the kids
and their bikes
are back on the road!

Happy Easter!


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