Thursday, March 6, 2008

Journey through time

Today I was reminded that even the things I take for granted may soon be things of the past. That maybe, for some people, they already are no more than shadows on the prairie landscape like the Gladstone school.

Today I was walking my Irish Terrier, Rourke when I saw a small car pull up ahead of me to the mailbox across the street. No out of the ordinary experience. This is a mailbox I've visited many times. So I know there are two slots - one for letters and a bigger opening for packages all going of course to the same spot - the bottom of the big red bin alias mailbox. Fairly standard stuff - mailboxes have been around for a long time.

But I am forced to slow down and have to concentrate on not stopping our walk entirely when I hear the shout.

"Which slot do I put this in?" And the young man looks around in confusion before repeating his question.

It was at that moment that I knew that the mailbox is destined for extinction. That some day, maybe in my lifetime, that big red box will no longer exist on street corners throughout the country.
Instead, well who knows what the instead will be, but obviously for that young man the instead has already occurred and to him the mailbox is the modern day dinosaur. For him instead may be called by any number of things; chat rooms, e-mail, text messaging but none of that comes in a big red bin sitting on a street corner.

The future is upon us.



Teresa said...

This one just makes me sad! Reality hits... The girls want cel phones and i four year old can run the VCR and DVD on her own, and looking at her sitting at the computer with the mouse in her hand or telling the older sisters to "log off now" is a sight to behold.
You know...whatever happened to the blue and yellow Public Library Bookmobile that came once a week to our street corner...

Ryshia Kennie said...

Oh the bookmobile - now you made me sad. That was my favourite place. I'd ride my bike there every Saturday for my six book weekly limit. And when I was little anything with a screen we had to sit 10 feet back from so we weren't radiated! Kind of hard to operate a mouse from that distance.