Friday, February 29, 2008

Unexpected Journey

Publishing "From the Dust" has provided unexpected pleasures. It's allowed me to visit people in other parts of the world without ever getting on a plane. I hadn't anticipated that. I discovered people who are thrilled to chat with others that share a love of words. It is a joy to discover that many of the books I love are loved around the world. Apparently, book lovers have a commonality that jumps over geographic and cultural differences. Possibly this is something that Oprah knew all along - thus the Oprah Bookclub.

It's like an unexpected Christmas gift to open up an e-mail and read that someone else half way around the world is interested in what I have written. That someone else may care enough to read about the quirky Hilda or the precocious Maggie as they roam through the pages of "From the Dust". How amazing and wonderful is that?!


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