Monday, February 18, 2008

Ice Fishing and the Hells Angels

Frozen lakes do not stop an ardent fisherman and they certainly never stop a good friend of mine. She loves to ice fish. And in the frozen Saskatchewan winter there's lots of opportunity to do so. Ice fishing shacks dot many of the popular lakes all winter and tournaments fill many weekends. Apparently there is joy in sitting on a cold chair in the middle of a frozen lake waiting for a fish that may or may not show. It's an all day event and usually involves much comraderie, refreshments and for the tournaments, prizes after. That part sounds like fun. The fishing part - not so much. But for many people, ice fishing makes a long, cold winter just a little bit more enjoyable. Cheers to that.

But this year my friend took it one step further - she went on a fishing tournament hosted by the Hells Angels. Call her crazy but she had a good time. Apparently bikers can be really nice folk.

I can only assume that when fishing with the Hells Angels there may be one rule:

What happens on the ice fishing trip stays on the ice fishing trip.

And again I ask - where are my flip flops!!?



Teresa said...

Very good! Love it!

Who is Ryshia Kennie? said...

I had friends in the right places. Thanks.